Why Going to China is the Best Way to Learn Shaolin Kung Fu

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Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most revered forms of the art in the world. And yet, many Western students struggle to learn its subtle, powerful techniques or to find authentic teachers. So what's the solution? One of the best ways to learn Shaolin Kung Fu is to come to China and learn in the country where it was born. Learning Shaolin techniques here at Tai Mountain Shaolin Kun Fu School in China has real advantages, such as the following:

1.Authentic teaching – This is the biggest reason that China is the place to learn Shaolin Kung Fu. There are certainly authentic teachers who have immigrated to other parts of the world, but they are few in number, hard to find, and it's often hard to verify their credentials. Shaolin monks in China continue to practice their tradition exactly as it has been handed down for generations, and represent a gateway to authentic technique and effective training. The monks who continue to teach in China have a lineage of teachers going back to great masters and are careful to hand down the techniques exactly as they have been designed, for both self-defense and mind-body balance. They also have full access to related techniques of qui gong, allowing transmission of the spiritual and physical health disciplines often neglected in Western Kung Fu schools.

2.Greater focus – Where do you think you will be more focused and engaged in your Kung Fu training: in a one-hour class at a gym or living and training with actual monks on China? It's just human nature that we benefit from structure and we learn much more quickly when immersed in a subject than when it's confined to class time. Going to China and training with monks means you have more time to focus on your Kung Fu skills.

3.Learning the language and culture – In China, Kung Fu and culture are woven together. Immersion trips to China can include not only Shaolin Kung Fu, but Mandarin Chinese language classes, cultural learning, and interaction with locals. This means that you start to understand proverbs, cultural idioms, and the language that is key to unlocking Chinese philosophy.

4.Experiencing the birthplace of Shaolin – Perhaps the most moving aspect of studying Shaolin Kung Fu is simply experiencing the place in which it was born. To dedicated practitioners, experiencing China and seeing the places made famous in Kung Fu legend is like a pilgrimage, and offers an unforgettable experience.

It's said that one week of Shaolin practice with the monks in China can convey more than an entire year practicing in the West. Have you considered Kung Fu study in China? Contact us at Tai Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School today to find out more and arrange your trip!